January 18, 2011


God is faithful right? I have no doubt of this. Prayer. We can continue to pray, but there may come a point when you struggle and question, "Is this really working?"

God loves when we communicate with Him. If we are frustrated, happy, sad, furious, confused? He loves it all. Our Father wants to hear from us. It's okay if you don't feel like praying or even speaking. I don't think that makes you a bad person. I think it makes you real and I know the Father welcomes that always.

Wednesday of last week one of the little boys I nanny for, Gavin, was sent in for surgery on his eyes. What was suppose to be an easy procedure turned into more than we bargained for. He ended up staying overnight in the hospital until Saturday. This little boy continues to amaze me over the past year and a half. He has overcome many obstacles with crawling, walking, and taking some steps towards communicating. I have no doubt that this is the Lord at work before my very own eyes and that He is going to continue to amaze the world with this little boy. After the surgery Gavin started having problems with breathing. They took him to the ICU and I called on friends and family to intercede for this family. We had prayer warriors all over the world praying for this little boy. We want to see results right away don't we? It took three days until Gavin could come home. Kate just found out that Gavin has a corneal abrasion and cellulitis in his left eye and if it doesn't heal he could lose his vision. We want answers right away don't we? There were times I wonder why? Amidst the confusion, God continues to show me His faithfulness. Gavin came home and even though he is still in pain he is in the process of healing. How do I know this for sure? Today I was sitting with Gavin while he was in his highchair. We put on Baby Signing Times for him and then I began to pray. Touching his eye shields, praying that the Lord would protect his eye sight. Praying that Angels would surround this boy day and night. Praying that Joy would begin to fill his body again then something happened. Gavin smiled for the first time in days. Tears began to fill my eyes. God remains faithful. Again, Gavin is in the process of healing. I know he still has a battle ahead of him, but God is for him. We may not know the answers, and we may not see results right away, but I just know that God is God. I cannot begin to grasp his faithfulness, love, or grace towards us. It's out of reach, my mind is not capable of understanding, but my spirit knows that God is God.

January 3, 2011

More Mission Photos

The beginning of a new season...

“Many are the plans in a man's heart, but it is the LORD's purpose that prevails.”
In school I was taught to plan ahead so that I could be prepared for life. I have found over the years that life and all of the preparations we make for it never goes quite the way I think it will. I am actually thankful it doesn't go the way I plan because God's plan is always so much bigger and better than I could have ever imagined mine would be. It has been challenging not always knowing what’s next, but He has never steered me wrong.  I have been a nanny for the past year and a half, but recently heard the Lord say it is time to go. I saw two doors open and went after both knowing He gave me His blessing in doing so. I am content in His decision knowing that it is going to test me in a way that I have never been tested before. The door that remains open is going back to New Zealand to serve on staff with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).

After much prayer and seeking, the Lord continues to confirm His desires for me in this next season of life. That is to...
See more of His heart for His people
Reveal Jesus as Hope to the broken
To serve my team and the nations 
Create for His glory
To love on the least of these. 
Be Discipled
Get equipped for leading others into the Mission field

I'm seeing Him put my life together like a puzzle. There are times where I want them all to go together in at once. They can only be put into place by Him one at a time. He enjoys the process. There is no other way to live than to take it one step at a time. While I can't tell you what's in store for me in the next five years, I can tell you that there is great contentment knowing that the Lord never changes and He is here with us. So live for today.

The cost for this mission trip is something I cannot attack on my own. I need your support to make this happen. I have to raise about $7,000 and while I'm sure your jaw has just dropped because that seems like a lot, I know it is possible! Our Lord is not limited by His resources. I will be heading to New Zealand on February 3rd. From there we have a 3 month DTS period which is a lecture phase that allows the students to learn more about our Father through different speakers and focuses each week. This time allows them to really seek after the heart of the Father and how He wants to move in their lives. After the lecture phase we then head overseas for outreach. This doesn’t leave much time for me to raise support, but again, I know the Lord is at work here and this is just allowing more room for Him to show.

Looking at my church family, I have seen the Lord use creativity in a whole new way. Recently a couple at my church, Providence, received news that they are finally getting their baby girl from China. This adoption process was not easy and the only way it happened was through their partnership with the Lord. He has blessed the mother, Angie, with creative thinking. She has used the tools the Lord gave her in creating beautiful bags and headbands to help raise funds for the adoption. These gifts are truly blessing all of those around her. Seeing others walk in these steps of using their creativity encourages me to do the same.
To help raise support I thought what better way to bless those in the partnership than to sell Artwork. I am selling Photos from Mission trips in the past and original pieces of Artwork as well.

If you are interested or have any other question please e-mail me at SRacine86@gmail.com

If you feel lead to support, checks can be made out to YWAM Oxford (put Sarah Racine in note area) and mailed to 
Sarah Racine
49 Brookfield Drive

Fleetwood, Pa 19522

Photos of nations: 
8x10 - $10.00

If interested in original Art pieces please email me at SRacine86@gmail.com