March 11, 2011

What are the fruit of ours days.

I have to be honest, I'm finding it harder and harder to blog. Time is so precious right? I'm still trying to balance between keeping home updated, but also trying to be present here on the base with the school. That word time management pops into my head. Our schedule does not leave much room for getting online, but the more I think about it the more I enjoy that aspect to the DTS. We get out of our day what we put into it and quite frankly I do not want to spend my days in front of the computer here. During one of my one on one's with the students I heard a voice say, "What about one on one time with me Sarah?" I wasn't really getting away with the Lord. I have responsibilities here, but the father yearns to commune with us and I'm growing hungry for more of Him. Time management isn't easy, but I'm learning. I want my days to produce fruit. I don't want them to just pass away. I want to be intentional with getting back to intimacy with my Lord.

This past week was focused on the sin, repentance, and the cross. Continuing to die to ourselves every day and taking up the cross. I was finding that the Lord was telling us to just sit back and watch. That He was going to be doing the ministering and we were to allow His spirit to pour over the classroom. I'm really enjoying seeing the students becoming stripped before Him. They are becoming empty before Him so that He may fill them up. It's a process and I think they are realizing that this isn't going to be an easy road, but the Lord loves the process. I look forward to seeing what more He is going to do in their lives. 

Today was needed! I needed to get out into the open fields. We went to Castle Hill to go bouldering and cave streaming. Driving through this country takes my breath away. I really enjoyed being outside of the classroom in the fresh air. So thankful for the beauty around me.

 I guess that's about it for today. It's really hard to write on here all that is being processed at this point. All I can really say is thank you for patience. Please continue to pray for the nations as we are getting closer to the time of finding out the outreach teams! Will keep you posted. 


  1. Sarah... those mountains are gorgeous and just breath-taking! I wish I could be there to climb them with you! I will definitely be praying for you and the teams and I definitely understand the struggle of time management! So keep pressing forward and clinging to Him in all you do! You're an amazing encouragement to me and all those around you!!! Love you!! xoxo

  2. Sarah, I love you...looks like such a beautiful place! Enjoy your time in NZ- each moment is precious.

  3. Sarah, you look so beautiful in that beautiful field. A beauty among such beauty !
    I miss you so much. Love, Momma Ruthie

  4. Sarah!!! Praying for you, darling! Thank you for keeping us updated!!