February 23, 2011

The Unexpected

So as most of you know, yesterday we had an earthquake here in New Zealand. I was at the grocery store with another staff member from the DTS when the earthquake hit. I remember thinking, "Is this really happening?" Some things fell off the shelves into the isles, but that was about it.  At first, it seemed harmless so we carried on and headed back to the base for lunch. While we felt the earthquake here in Oxford no damage was done, but that was not the case for Christchurch. It wasn't long after the earthquake hit that we found out how much impact it really made. Christchurch is about 40 minutes away and they got hit hard. It had a 6.3 magnitude and left many buildings crumbling to the ground, taking people along with them. This quake left hundreds of people homeless in Hagley Park trying to find shelter from the rain. Seeing the need, our base family went to go help. We sent out three women, two with first aid care background and one who is a nurse, to go care for individuals who were hurt. These girls couldn't leave the area without bringing anyone home so we came together as a family and opened our doors to 18 backpackers. It has been such a blessing to serve this country and these people who are in a foreign land. I'm so blessed to see the body of Christ come together in unity. I can't even begin to imagine what these people saw out there, but I am glad the Lord brought them through our doorway. Please continue to pray that we listen and move when the spirit tells us to. That we be discerning in how He wants us to serve during this time of need. Christchurch is where we do our Friday Night Outreach for the school. Thank you for your constant support during this time. Please continue to lift up the people here as search teams continue to be in affect. 

This coming weekend our students will start to pour in the base. I'm really looking forward to their coming! Please pray that travels go well and everyone arrives safe and sound. Until next time!

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  1. Thanks for sharing Sarah! We are all glad that you are ok. It is awesome to hear how you and the YWAM base are able to reach to help those in need. Keep us posted on your progress. Can you find out if there is anything we can do to help support the efforts? Does YWAM need financial support to help pay for expenses from taking on extra people? Is there anything else we can do from here? Love Mom