February 16, 2011

New Zealand ground

I promise I'll try to get better at this blog thing.

Back on Oxford, New Zealand ground! 

Words cannot express the joy I feel to be back on the YWAM base here in New Zealand. Meeting old friends and gaining new ones, the Lord continues to show me His heart for community. Getting back to the heart of worship and prayer, I'm really looking forward to season of more intimacy with my Pappa. I've been able to spend the past couple of days just seeking after more of Him as we are completing staff training and I'm LOVING it. I love the dynamics on this Staff team. We seem to compliment each other well and I enjoy becoming a family. This weekend we are taking a break from the base to have some time of solitude and refresh our minds. Then we start next week off with more training and preparation for when the students arrive. Please continue to lift the Staff up as we seek the Lords direction for this school. So excited I get to share this journey with you all. Miss you heaps!


  1. Yay! Love and miss you Sarah!

  2. YAY!!!! So exciting!!! God is amazing!! I love you and miss you girl!

  3. yay! so glad you started a blog for all of your experiences! I love this picture...ive been thinking about getting a pair of red toms. love you!