September 24, 2011

Art in Christchurch


Yesterday we got the Justice Staff together and went into Christchurch to see the art exhibits at the museum. There was a Hearts for Christchurch exhibit which is what the picture above is from. There was about 4,000 hearts in the gallery that came from all over the world. It was cool to see how people came together during the earthquake relief a couple of months ago. Even though there was great devastation it really brought communities together. This was a good representation of the world coming together and giving their hearts out to Christchurch. 

Brian Brake had an exhibit which was called Lens on the World. He's a kiwi and it made my heart leap  to see his photographs. Most of them were from the 1960's and are from all over the world including India, China, Japan, and Yemen. I always wonder how traveling by boat was back then. I find that fascinating and wish I could have experienced it. I'm sure many of us take traveling for granted. This photograph below is from India during the Monsoon season. I found that a lot of these photographs brought me joy while others brought tears. I have come to have a deep love for Asia over the past three years. The colors, smells, people, hospitality, and culture make me want to go back for more. A lot of these photographs made me think about my own. Reasons we take pictures. What is beautiful to us? What draws us in? What the reason is for photographing the world around us? It's been a blessing to have time to process these questions. What does that looks like in my life with missions? I'm still on that journey. I look forward to seeing what lays ahead next, but am content in the present. I'm blessed to have an opportunity to experience the world around me through my eyes.   

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  1. cool! thanks for sharing about the art! love the pictures :)